Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Sanitise Your Office

Although sanitation may not be the first thing on your mind when you arrive at the office every morning, the cleanliness of your office actually has a massive impact on you, your employees and your business.


Here are High Society’s top 5 reasons to make sure your office is sanitary and sparkling clean.


1. Fewer Sick Days

It’s amazing (and stomach-churning) how many germs hide in everyday office furniture and resources – particularly in computer keyboards and phones. It seems like if one person gets a bug, everyone in the office is going to get it too – this is largely due to an unhygienic work environment. These lost work days are so easy to avoid by making sure you’re working in a clean, sanitary environment with specialist keyboard cleaning services as well as general office sanitation.


2. Increased Productivity

You know what they say – tidy desk, tidy mind. If you’re working in a messy environment it inevitably affects the work performance of you and your employees. Coming in to a dirty floor, overfilled bin and the smell of yesterday’s coffee will immediately put a downer on your mood – instead, come into a clean, sanitary environment that will make you feel immediately more relaxed, comfortable and ready to work.


3. Improved Atmosphere

Your employees spend all week in the office, so it needs to be a place which boosts them up and makes them feel happy and positive. Your employees won’t perform as well if they feel they’re working in a dingy, depressing setting. Something as simple as a clean, sanitary office can massively improve the atmosphere and make your employees happier to come in every morning to a pleasant, successful business.


4. First Impressions Matter

It’s not just about how you and your employees feel – when clients and associates come into the office they’ll get an immediate impression of your company’s atmosphere from the presentation of the office. A clean and tidy office is immediately more welcoming and appealing, giving the impression of efficiency and professionalism that will make them more likely to want to work with you. Your office is a representation of you and your quality of work – so make sure it’s looking its best!


5. Long Term Benefits

In the long term keeping your office sanitary and clean has countless benefits for you and your employees. As well as boosting morale and keeping you all healthy to cut down on sick days, keeping your office clean also saves you money. Regular cleaning of floors, carpets, windows, counter-tops, desks and much more means your office will keep looking great for longer. No need to replace those grubby carpets or get a new counter-top; they’ll last for much longer and keep looking brand new if you invest in their maintenance through cleaning and sanitation.


Making sure your office space is kept sanitary and looking its best is essential for your business in so many ways – but it’s not something you or your employees will personally have time for. Get in touch with the professionals at High Society today to find out how we can help with your Office Sanitisation!

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